2016 Ford F-150 vs 2012 F-150

2016 Ford F-150 vs 2012 F-150

2016 Ford F-150 vs 2012 F-150

The Ford F-150 is a full-size pickup truck with some major appeal. If you've got America's bestselling vehicle is on your mind, you're not alone. Its massive towing and hauling capabilities are just the beginning - the popular F-150 is also big on modern technology and plush comfort. And if you've got safety on your mind, you've come to the right place. But should you buy new or used? Our guide will help you decide. We've highlighted some of the biggest differences between the used 2012 Ford F-150 and the new 2016 Ford F-150 trucks so you can make the right choice for you.


When Ford introduced aluminum into the F-150 body design, it changed everything. The new aluminum body style means three big things for you: improved gas mileage, greater towing prowess, and a lighter, more agile ride.

Because the aluminum body style makes the F-150 hundreds of pounds lighter than previous models, you'll be able to tow and haul bigger loads than ever before. The 2016 Ford F-150 can tow trailers that weigh up to 12,200 pounds. With the used 2012 Ford F-150 truck, max tow ratings only reached 11,300 pounds.

The lighter design also works in conjunction with brand new engine technology to get you the most bang for your buck. When you choose the 2016 Ford F-150, you'll find that owning a full-size truck doesn't have to mean overspending on gas. Earn up to 19 city/26 highway mpg in the 2016 F-150. In 2012, the most mileage you could wring out of the used Ford F-150 was 17/23 mpg.

Finally, the 2016 F-150 handles like never before. The aluminum body makes this pickup truck feel light and agile under your fingertips. You'll cruise winding roads and navigate narrow parking lots with total confidence.


The Ford F-150 has long enjoyed a reputation for safety, but the 2016 truck is the best yet. In government crash tests, it earned a perfect five-star rating for overall protection. With 78 percent high-strength steel, its fully boxed frame is the strongest of its kind. You'll also get the benefit of technology that wasn't available with the used 2012 Ford F-150. For example, forward collision warning lets you know when you need to slow down to avoid an accident. Use the rearview camera to make backing up a snap. Guide your trailer in the right direction with the brand new trailer backup assist feature. The modern navigation system makes it easy to get wherever you need to go.


There's nothing quite like the 2016 Ford F-150 on the road today. When you compare it to the 2012 model, there's no contest. The 2016 model has the clear edge. It can tow and haul heavier loads, get you better gas mileage, and give you all the latest tech gear. If you've got safety on the brain, the 2016 F-150 will give you the protection you crave. Take the F-150 for a test drive today!