2017 Ford F-150 vs Ram 1500

2017 Ford F-150 vs Ram 1500

The 2017 Ford F-150 and the Dodge Ram 1500 are two of the most capable full-size pickup trucks on the road today. Both supply ample towing and hauling ability and a wealth of innovative features to increase utility and make your workday a snap. These are more than mere workhorses, however, because both models deliver substantial interior luxury and tech features. If you're trying to decide between the two, check out our comparison guide to learn more.

2017 Ford F-150 vs Ram 1500

Power & Performance

On the road, there's no full-size truck quite like the 2017 Ford F-150. Its aluminum body panels mean improved handling, increased towing and hauling utility, and enhanced fuel economy. In addition to its cutting-edge design, the F-150 offers a range of powerful engines to help you tow and haul heavy loads. When you choose the turbocharged, 3.5-liter V6 engine, you can tow max loads of 12,200 pounds.

For towing power, the Dodge Ram 1500 can't quite match segment competitors. Its most powerful engine is a 5.7-liter V8 engine, which helps you tow up to 10,640 pounds. However, the Ram 1500 offers a unique diesel V6. Choose this engine to enhance fuel economy without sacrificing power.

Interior Style

When it comes to interior class and comfort, the Dodge Ram 1500 is a segment favorite. Its rich interior style and plush, supportive seating make you feel like you're cruising in a luxury SUV. Choose from three cabin options - regular, extended, and crew - for the passenger space you require.

Still, the 2017 Ford F-150 proved difficult to beat. Its rich leather upholstery and heated front seats take passenger comfort to entirely new levels. The F-150 also offers three cabin options. If you require family-friendly seating, the F-150 crew cabin doesn't disappoint.


In terms of safety, the 2017 Ford F-150 is light years ahead of segment competitors. In government crash tests, it earned a perfect five-star rating for overall protection. Driver aids, such as blind-spot monitoring, alert you to nearby danger. If it senses an imminent accident, the forward collision mitigation system primes the brakes for maximum stopping power.

In government crash tests, the Dodge Ram 1500 earned four stars for overall protection - one less than the F-150. Still, the Ram 1500 provides a range of features designed to enhance driver authority, such as the fully integrated trailer-brake controller. The Uconnect emergency telematics system can dials 911 with the push of a button.


To stay connected from anywhere, choose the 2017 Ford F-150. This pickup truck is stocked with all the latest in infotainment, including the central Sync 3 system. You'll love how seamlessly it connects to your smartphone, giving you the ability to stream music or send hands-free text messages.

Of course, the Dodge Ram 1500 also aims to provide all the latest infotainment options. Its Uconnect system is one of the best out there. Like Sync 3, it includes a responsive touchscreen and wide-ranging voice controls. It's easy to access apps without looking away from traffic.

Learn More about the Ford F-150

2017 Ford F-150 vs Ram 1500

Both trucks are big on power and modern convenience, but the 2017 Ford F-150 is one-of-a-kind. In terms of performance, it leaves competitors in the dust. It tows and hauls major weight with minimal effort. The F-150 also offers a wide range of configuration options, leaving you to create the model that best suits your needs. Inside, you'll discover plush, roomy seating and numerous smartphone integration options. Getting around town in your F-150 has never been so comfortable and convenient. Take the F-150 on a test drive today!