2017 Ford Focus vs Chevrolet Cruze

2017 Ford Focus vs Chevrolet Cruze

If imitation is the finest form of flattery, perhaps Ford should be complimented that Chevrolet has copied its lead by adding a hatch body style to the Cruze lineup that mimics what's been available with the Focus for some time. Which sedan will offer you the lineup that you need? Take a look at our buyers guide to learn more.

2017 Ford Focus vs Chevrolet Cruze

Exterior and Interior Styling

The Focus design has stayed consistent for a number of years, but after a number of small tweaks every now and again it still remains as fresh, stylish, and attractive as it's ever been. The Focus is sporty and fun in all its forms, but at the upper extremes of ST and RS it really is without equal in its class.

It would be wrong of us to suggest there's anything wrong at all with the styling of the Cruze, as it is also boasts a sleek and stylish design that Chevrolet should be proud of. At the lower trim levels it goes head-to-head pretty well with the Focus, but the top trims of the Cruze just can't compete with what the Focus has to offer. The Cruze doesn't have an answer for the confident, almost aggressive sportiness of the top-trim Focus options.


The 2017 Ford Focus lineup does not lack practicality anywhere, although it isn't the largest model in the compact segment. Four and five-door body styles mean the Focus is suitable for many different family and commuter applications, and even the performance models are easy to live with as daily drivers.

Not everyone shopping for a compact will welcome the larger external dimensions of the 2017 Chevrolet Cruze, but it does have its advantages in terms of internal space. Most internal measurements are only marginally more generous than the Focus, but there is quite a difference in rear legroom with 36.1 inches in the Chevy compared to just 33.2 inches in the Focus. Though it's a trade off between larger footprint and roomier back seat, we'll give this round to the Chevrolet Cruze for its roomier cabin.

Features and Choice

You have an abundance of choice and plenty of standard and available equipment in the Focus family, with two body styles, six trim levels, five different engines, and three transmissions to choose between. The Focus can be simple, affordable and sensible, but it can also be an almost ludicrously fast RS white-knuckle ride, and everything in between. We like a manufacturer that offers choices, though it can be confusing to navigate between so many different options.

The Cruze isn't short on standard features or equipment, actually coming quite generously equipped, but there are only four trims to choose from and a single engine. No matter how good the 1.4-liter turbo in the Cruze is, it's hard to overlook the complete lack of choice when compared to the Focus.

Value for Money

The chances are that if you're looking to buy in this segment, value for money is going to be a factor for you. With a starting MSRP of just $16,775 for the Focus S Sedan, the Ford is a genuine value proposition. Even further up the scale at $23,575, it could be argued the Titanium Sedan represents even better bang for the buck, and that's without even mentioning the ST.

You won't be asked to pay a huge amount more for a Chevy Cruze than an equivalent Ford Focus, but more is more whichever way you slice it and a Cruze L Sedan costs from $16,975. The most expensive Cruze is the Premier hatch and it only costs $23,945, but that's more about a lack of premium options and performance-orientated options in the range than genuine budget friendliness . Again, the hat tip goes to the Ford Focus

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2017 Ford Focus vs Chevrolet Cruze

The Cruze is a very likeable car and the addition of a hatch is a welcome improvement, but although it represents a little more choice, it pales in comparison with the options available in the Ford Focus. Add into the mix the more attractive pricing of the Focus and the fact the Ford can be customized into pretty much any compact you want it to be, and the 2017 Ford Focus is the natural choice when shopped against its Chevy rival.