2017 Ford Fusion vs Honda Accord

2017 Ford Fusion vs Honda Accord

Whether you're a stay at home parent or an equally busy young professional, the solid reputation of the 2017 Ford Fusion and the Honda Accord make them attractive options. Both models are designed with a busy lifestyle in mind, giving you the comfortable space, innovative convenience features, and safety items that you need to make it through your days on the road. Which model is right for you? Let our side-by-side comparison guide help you decide.

2017 Ford Fusion vs Honda Accord

Daily Comfort

When you're shuttling around town in your Fusion, you'll never lack for roomy, supportive seating. This model is also known for its lavish options. If you want a little panache in your daily ride, opt for the Fusion's leather upholstery. Ambient interior lighting gives the cabin a soft glow during your nighttime excursions and makes you feel like you've spent big bucks on a luxury nameplate, but without the painful reality of a luxury payment.

The Accord might not have the glitzy seating and interior flair of the Fusion-at least not without an upgrade-but the Accord is tops at keeping the cabin quiet. At highway speeds, noise is nicely quelled, which is exactly what you need at the end of a long day.


If you're in it for performance, give the Accord a whirl. This flagship Honda sedan combines a family-friendly ride with top-of-the-line acceleration and braking. In terms of highway merging, you may even find that it leaves coveted luxury sedans in the dust and can corner on curving roads better than some sports cars.

That said, you don't want to miss test-driving the Fusion, which is a testament to what a close competition this was. The Fusion's powertrain is quick to respond to driver input, delivering a nimble performance inside tight turns. The suspension is also tuned for maximum comfort, which means comfortable highway cruising. Both the Accord and the Fusion are infusing this class of sedan with performance and excitement.

Infotainment Gear

With its new, segment-leading Sync 3 infotainment system, the Fusion proves nearly impossible to beat. Specially designed for ease of use and increased responsiveness, the Sync 3 touchscreen menus let you access apps quickly and efficiently. Then there are the Sync 3 voice controls. When you're stuck in traffic, this next-generation technology lets you access smartphone and navigation options without looking away from the road.

It's tough to compare with the Fusion's technology options, but the Accord gives it a solid effort. That said, you may find the central touchscreen a bit more difficult to work with because the menu buttons are on the small side. That said, you'll still have access to the apps and navigation features you need for your daily commute.

Driver Safety Aids

If the Fusion's shining crash-test scores are any indications, you can expect big things from this mid-size sedan. In government crash tests, it earned a perfect five-star rating for overall protection. And that's not all. The innovative Ford MyKey system gives you the power to set speed limitations for teenage drivers. The emergency-crash notification feature will further put your mind at ease, automatically dialing 911 after a collision.

The Honda Accord also offers some impressive driver aids, including a frontal collision warning system that will automatically brake for you to minimize the effects of a crash. Not everyone loves the super-quick reflexes on these systems, though, so you'll need to watch that they don't react too quickly.

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2017 Ford Fusion vs Honda Accord

At first glance, the Ford Fusion and the Honda Accord have a lot in common. Upon closer look, however, the 2017 Ford Fusion pulls ahead of the competition. Incredible interior comfort and high-tech safety gear are just a small part of the Fusion's wide-ranging appeal. Quality construction helps the Fusion's cabin feel uncluttered and stylish, not unlike a modern luxury sedan. Power, sophistication, and impressive standard features helps the 2017 Ford Fusion pull ahead of the competition in this head-to-head comparison.